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Share hotel offers and promotions your followers won't find on your brand website and turn your social media fans into real revenue opportunities. Commingle360 lets you convert missed opportunities into revenue.

We handle everything for you. Your Account Manager will even remind you when it's time to launch your seasonal landing page or local promotion.
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We create compelling holiday and event promotional landing pages for your hotel and seamlessly connect your offers to your social media accounts and brand booking engine. Never again let a holiday revenue opportunity pass you by.
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Socially Connected To Convert Fans Into Reservations.

Make Every Social Media Post Count

Commingle360 is your all-in-one engagement platform, linking potential guests from your social media to your exclusive hotel offers and compelling content, all designed to convert social media engagement into bookings.
HoteLINK & QR Codes

The Ultimate Marketing Duo: HoteLINK & QR Codes.

Innovative Connectivity

Unite the digital and physical realms of guest engagement with our HoteLINK service and QR codes—your ultimate marketing duo to capture new revenue streams and enhance the guest experience from social media discovery to the on-site experience.
Seasonal Landing Pages For All Your Offers

Take Your Social Media Fans To Promotional Landing Pages.

Maximize Revenue for Every Holiday and Event

We create promotional landing pages to seamlessly connect your social media fans into your brand booking engine. It’s time to say goodbye to brand limitations and hello to new revenue opportunities for Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and much more. Never again miss a holiday revenue opportunity.
Capture Event Driven Bookings

Enhance Your Exposure To Local Events and Convert Bookings.

Amplify Local Events and Demand Drivers

We create local event landing pages so your property can capture new revenue opportunities from demand drivers in your city. Commingle360 makes it easy to win business from amateur sports tournaments, dance competitions, and much more.
Group Business Leads For Your Property

New Event RFPs and Site Visits.

Social Media Wedding Leads, Delivered

With Commingle360’s integrated social media lead generation funnels, your sales team will receive qualified wedding event leads from Facebook and Instagram.