Frequently Asked Questions

What problems does Commingle360 solve?
Missed Seasonal Revenue
Your property missed out on revenue during seasonal holiday events due to the absence of promotional offers on your brand website. Moreover, your property sales team may have been too busy to develop promotional landing pages for use in social media marketing campaigns.

Missed Event Driving Revenue
Your brand website has limitations on your ability to market local demand-driving events. For instance, it may lack options to create dedicated promotional landing pages for events like the citywide annual volleyball tournament or to promote offerings such as swimming pool birthday parties and even your State Residence Rate.

Missed Wedding Group Leads
Not knowing who downloaded your website wedding event PDF brochure prevents your property sales team from following up on potential leads.
Is there a free trial available?
No, we cannot offer a free trial of the service due to the many hours we spend to develop your landing pages and the onboarding process.
Is my brand going to have an issue with Commingle360?
No issues at all. Our focus is on driving bookings to your brand's reservation system through your social media marketing efforts.
Do I need to provide 'admin' access to my social media accounts?
Not at all. All setup is handled through our Agency Access enabling us to craft a unique Commingle360 HoteLINK which will be used across all your social media posts. Your HoteLINK serves as a gateway for followers to explore your custom landing pages and more. Plus, we'll provide a QR code for on-site access to your landing pages.
How much does Commingle360 cost and how long does it take to get started?
Our team is ready to discuss pricing and our onboarding process, which typically takes around 10 days. To begin, simply click the 'Book a Demo' button.
So how does the landing page process work?
Starting immediately, we set up 8 landing pages for key seasonal holidays, which you can view on the 'How It Works' page. About 60 days before each holiday, your Account Manager will reach out for any special offers or codes to feature on the landing page. After the holiday, we'll take down the landing page and prep for the next holiday—ensuring you always capitalize on holiday revenue opportunities.
8 seasonal landing pages are great, but what if I need to promote a local demand driver?
Not to worry, we've got you covered. For any event or local attraction, you have the option to purchase additional custom landing pages. If there's a big convention in town, we can design a dedicated landing page so you can quickly share it with your social media followers.
What if my hotel doesn’t have seasonal promotions and offers?
Even if your property doesn't have seasonal promotions or packages, Commingle360 has you covered. Our team will create general seasonal landing pages customized for your hotel, ensuring you're still visible and considered for seasonal booking opportunities. With Commingle360, your property will always be ready to capitalize on seasonal demand, even without specific promotions.